According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2018 alone, there were 2,900 drug overdose fatalities in the state of New Jersey. Data from New Jersey State Health Assessment Data indicates that deaths related to drugs have increased substantially in the past few years, making this an important issue for people throughout the state — including in Cherry Hill. If you or a loved one is dealing with drug addiction, you’re not alone, and you don’t have to wait for an overdose emergency to get help. Call Recovery at the Crossroads right now to find out about outpatient drug rehab in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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Understanding the Drug Battle in and Around Cherry Hill

The town of around 70,000 people in Camden County has a lot to offer residents, including residential areas with a variety of housing types and easy access to nearby metropolitan locations. Attractions include enjoying the outdoors at Cooper River Park or Black Run Preserve or touring the Indian King Tavern or Garden State Discovery Museums.

And while the area is home to families, students and a variety of working professionals, like many other areas in the state, it’s also home to a drug battle. In late 2020, the opioid crisis hit the state so hard, for example, that Camden County made Narcan (a medication that can save someone’s life in the case of a heroin overdose) available to the public at no cost and with no questions asked.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Instead of stocking up on supplies to deal with an emergency overdose, residents in and around Cherry Hill may want to consider more proactive approaches to dealing with drug addiction. These are decisions you can’t make for the community as a whole, but you can make them for yourself. And if it’s your loved one who is struggling with addiction, you can encourage them to seek help with supportive, caring and consistent communication.

outpatient addiction treatment new jersey

One reason many people avoid getting help for their substance abuse issue is that they’re scared of the unknowns related to treatment. They’re not sure what to expect, what will be required of them or whether a certain program is right for them.

To help dispel some of those what-ifs and better understand your options for addiction rehab, check out the options offered by Recovery at the Crossroads below.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Despite the name, this treatment option doesn’t require you to go to the hospital. Our program requires attendance every day within our comfortable facility, but you return home each evening to be with your family or attend to obligations at home.

PHP treatment may be a good choice if you are stepping down from an inpatient rehab but aren’t ready to be without professional support for addiction on a daily basis. It can also be the starting point for someone who needs help breaking free of addiction but doesn’t require 24-hour assistance or medically assisted detox. Our PHP program includes individual and group counseling, as well as recreational and other activities designed to support your recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment/General Outpatient Treatment

This can be the next step for someone ready to transition from a PHP program or the first step in recovery for someone who’s able to function at home and in their job and simply needs regular support and structure to begin their journey toward sobriety. IOP services are a bit more robust than general outpatient services, typically requiring a commitment to attend at least a few times a week.

Both of these treatment levels concentrate on supporting you as you work toward developing and practicing healthier coping skills and remaining sober. Depending on your needs, you may work with individual and/or group counselors, take part in educational and recreational activities to learn more about addiction and develop your confidence in recovery and plan for aftercare and support systems once you leave a regular treatment environment.

Kosher Services

Recovery at the Crossroads makes every effort to provide kosher services. From the foods we serve to the activities we plan, our staff ensures that people of the Jewish faith are comfortable within the walls of our facility and with the people providing support for their sobriety journey. You shouldn’t have to give up any aspect of your faith in order to obtain help breaking free of the cycle of addiction, and our kosher treatment program includes religious services and other considerations to ensure you don’t.

Jewish Services

All our treatment programs support Jewish individuals in maintaining their spiritual walk and lifestyle while also working on their addiction. You can take part in Jewish worship services and observe important days and rules, including diet, even when you’re attending our partial hospitalization program. The facility provides three kosher meals each day for those who are present during those times, and medical staff that share and support Jewish beliefs are available to support recovery that doesn’t impinge upon orthodox beliefs.



T-Minus 30 Minutes for Recovery From Addiction

Whether you’re looking for a shining light of recovery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, or you’re a Jewish person who is struggling with addiction but doesn’t know where to turn for help that doesn’t fly in the face of your faith, we can help. Call us today or contact us online. Our caring counselors will provide answers about what you can expect during treatment and help you understand what might be the right option for you as you work toward recovery.

Local Recovery Resources in Camden County

As a chronic disease, addiction doesn’t have a cure. But with the right support and maintenance, you can live a healthy, sober lifestyle long after you finish a recovery program. Here are some local support group options to help you stay sober in Camden County.

  • AA Camden 12-Step Group, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 33 Chestnut Street, Camden
  • AA Collingswood Monday Night Support Group, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 839 Hadden Avenue, Camden
  • NA Zoom Meetings, 9PM daily: Password 823289
  • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Services,Dept. of Health and Human Services DiPiero Center, 512 Lakeland Road, Suite 501, Blackwood, NJ  08012, 856- 374-6320
  •  CCCADA, Inc.,1 Alpha Ave, Suite 22, Voorhees, NJ 08043, 856-427-6553