Meet our team

Recovery at the Crossroads, staff is highly trained and licensed. Our clinicians come to us with varying levels of experience and are NJ State Licensed and/or supervised by Licensed staff. We understand recovery from addiction can be difficult, RAC staff works with each client individually to create a treatment plan that will work for their specific needs.


Dr. Alberta Montano-Di Fabio

Clinical Director

Dr. Alberta Montano-DiFabio has worked in every level of addiction treatment (detox, short-term inpatient, long-term inpatient, outpatient). Among her positions Dr. Montano-DiFabio has served as an Evaluator for the New Jersey Alcohol and Drug Certification Board, Crisis Counselor for Union County Crisis Center and prosecutors office, and a Director at the Shire Adolescent Inpatient Facility.

Over the course of her thirty plus year career, Dr. Alberta Montano-DiFabio has worked in every level of addiction treatment (detox, short-term inpatient, long-term inpatient, outpatient). Among her positions Dr. Montano-DiFabio has served as an Evaluator for the New Jersey Alcohol and Drug Certification Board, Crisis Counselor for Union County Crisis Center and prosecutors office, and a Director at the Shire Adolescent Inpatient Facility.



David Goldberg

Director of Operations

David Goldberg is RAC’s Director of Operations. Since 2015, David has overseen the overall efficiency of operations, by ensuring the maintenance and continuous improvement of RAC. His wide-ranging responsibilities include information technology (IT), planning operations, finance, communication, management of logistics and problem solving.

Although David is responsible for performing a variety of duties and responsibilities related to quality, service, safety and cost, he never loses sight of his primary focus: providing top-notch patient care services through the creation and preservation of a safe, pleasant work environment, thereby allowing RAC staff and clientele to focus on their recovery and fulfill their goals under the most optimal conditions.


Tzivya Kownat

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Tzivya Kownat, PMHNP, is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and serves as RAC’s psychiatric care provider. In this role, Tzivya brings her many years of experience and expertise to provide psychiatric services to RAC clientele. Her years of practice include treatment of co-occurring substance abuse treatment as well as a broad array of mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety/depressive disorders.

In addition to her medical proficiency and knowledge, Tzivya’s sensitive, calm, and compassionate nature combined with her patient-centered perspective, puts her patients at ease and provides them with a sense of reassurance and safety. Tzivya graduated from NYU college of Nursing with a MSN in 2011. She has an Associates in Nursing from Excelsior College in 2001 and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Thomas Edison State College in 1999.



Laura Genco


Laura joined Recovery at the Crossroads in 2020. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Georgian Court University. Laura is a Licensed Associate Counselor in the State of New Jersey and board-certified as a Nationally Certified Counselor. She believes optimal treatment requires a holistic lens, including consideration of multicultural and contextual factors. Laura uses an integrative approach emphasizing collaboration, evidence-based interventions, healthy relationships, and clients’ personal strengths.

Yaakov Cohen

Primary Counsler

Yaakov enjoys working in the addiction counseling and mental health field. He feels a sense of deep fulfillment providing the support to clients to assist them achieve their fullest potential. Yaakov is dedicated to see each client recognize their abilities and inner strength. He believes that compassion, empathy,  tolerance, patience and non-judgmental attitude are key for a proper client  therapist relationship.

Yaakov received his Master’s degree in Social Work from Touro College University. Yaakov has a wide range of experience in different areas including Addictions, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. Yaakov employs an integrated approach utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Person Centered approach, and Solution Focused Therapy. Yaakov is warm, caring, kind and intuitive in finding the strengths of each client. Yaakov takes great pride and joy in his work with his clients in recovery.


Avi Richler

Spiritual Advisor

Rabbi Avi Richler, serves as RAC’s Spiritual Advisor. Endearingly known to patients as “Rabbi Avi,” Rabbi Richler’s weekly spirituality group is one of the highpoints for RAC clientele. Using his dynamic personality and vast knowledge, Rabbi Avi has the uncanny ability of drawing upon and explaining deep spiritual concepts and ideas in a straightforward, clear, down-to-earth manner, demonstrating its practical applications to everyday living and recovery.

Like a magnet, RAC patients are drawn to Rabbi Avi’s ever-present smile and warm and inviting personality. Patients seek his counsel and guidance to gain strength and comfort, and to discover meaning, purpose and direction in leading happy and contented lives. Rabbi Avi’s personal quest for meaning and purpose led him to enter the Rabbinate, and since that time, he founded Chabad of Gloucester County, an umbrella organization that operates a full service Jewish Community Center in Mullica Hill, NJ, and a Jewish Student Center at Rowan University. Never one to shirk his sense of communal responsibility, Rabbi Richler was instrumental in the creation of Black Horse Acres sober living facility, as a means of providing treatment, resources, and guidance for those suffering from addiction within the Jewish community. He currently oversees the spiritual and religious elements of the facility, thereby ensuring that it continues to remain sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community. Rabbi Avi’s presence at RAC, creates a true holistic environment connecting body and mind with the spirit, thereby allowing RAC patients to incorporate all dimensions of who they are.  


Crystal Martin

Admissions Coordinator

Crystal Martin, CADC-I, CPCT, is Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor intern, a Certified Multi-Skilled Patient Care Tech and a SMART Recovery Facilitator. In addition to running therapy groups, Crystal is RAC’s Admissions Coordinator. In that role, she has the opportunity to meet with potential patients, coordinate their admission, and ensure their transition is smooth and seamless. In this way, Crystal effectively reduces the worry and fear that comes along with entering a new facility and treatment center.

Crystal attended Brooks Alternative Tech School in 2015, obtaining her CPCT. In 2017, she became a Smart Recovery Facilitator and created the very first Smart Recovery meeting in all of South Jersey. A people person by nature, patients are drawn to Crystal’s tender and humble demeanor, and fully appreciate her listening ear and compassionate heart. Her credo of “treating others how you wish to be treated” infuses RAC patients with feelings of value, dignity, and self-worth, reigniting their confidence and belief in themselves and what they can achieve.



Tracy Cannon

Intake Coordinator

Tracy Cannon, CADC-I, LPN, is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor intern and a licensed practical nurse. Tracy received her nursing license (LPN) in 1988 working in the field for over 20 years at which time she returned to college where she is currently pursuing certification as an addiction specialist.

Tracy is a lifelong resident of Gloucester County and her easygoing, friendly, engaging personality make her one of RAC’s most beloved and dedicated employees to staff and clientele alike. She currently serves as RAC’s intake coordinator, where she schedules and conducts intakes with new admissions. Tracy is passionate about educating and helping those in her community who struggle with addiction.


Jennifer Drees

Music Therapist

Jennifer Drees, MMT, MT-BC, has been part of the treatment of team of RACNJ since 2017. She characterizes her approach as strongly psychodynamic, client centered, and holistic. She honors the unique life story of each client and incorporates music creatively in one’s healing journey.

Music therapy works in synchrony with the treatment goals of each client, while uniquely engaging each in their path toward wellness. Our musical and creative selves are part of who we are as people, and within that lies keys to finding strength, healing from trauma, understanding addiction, and moving into sobriety and stability. Her music therapy groups feature a variety of music therapy experiences, including music and imagery, music assisted relaxation, active music making, discussions, song writing, drum circles, and art and music activities. Jen began in the field after graduating with her Bachelor’s of music in music therapy at Temple University in 1995 and contracted music therapy for several mental health and rehab programs in Philadelphia. After a long break to focus on family, she returned to private practice, working with children and adolescents with autism, and adults working through trauma, grief, and PTSD. Jen completed her Master’s of music therapy from Temple in 2016 with a concentration and music and psychology. Jen is a member of the American Music Therapy Association and a Disaster Response Crisis Counselor in NJ. She is trained in mental health first aid and psychological first aid. Jen is a CPR instructor, BLS provider certified in NJ, and NAEMT instructor for the class Psychological Trauma for the EMS Patient. Jen also maintains a private piano studio for beginning and intermediate students.


Through her caring, gentle and compassionate personality, Megan is able to deeply connect with BHA residents, conveying her firm belief that they are special, have self-worth and are deserving of love. Every resident at BHA, has, without exception, benefited from her kindness, wisdom and insight. Megan uses her personal and unique life journey to thoughtfully guide, support, and offer hope to BHA residents as they begin their road to recovery. By continuing to educate herself and her staff, Megan ensures that Black Horse Acres remains safe, supportive, and comfortable making residents feel at home as they work on their sobriety.