Research has shown that people do best in rehab centers that are relevant to the culture of the individual. When like-minded people surround you, you feel more comfortable about being open and honest. Openness is one of your most valuable resources during addiction recovery; the more you feel able to speak your truth, the more effective therapy will be. If you’re looking for Jewish drug rehab in New Jersey, look no further than Recovery at the Crossroads. Our Jewish rehab program is designed to provide a supportive and accepting environment for those seeking addiction treatment within the Jewish community.

Not only will your support group be united with you in the fellowship of the Jewish faith, but the people providing your care will be, too. Kosher food, the celebration of yamim tovim and the weekly observation of the Shabbos will help you feel right at home.


Why Choose a Jewish Substance Abuse Program?

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Shalvah is the goal of Jewish addiction treatment, and while addiction is an all-consuming condition, it can be overcome. Many individuals in the Jewish community who find themselves in this position feel shame and fear their community will shun them. Often, this leads to them backing away from their faith, a path of solitude that can push them further into the grasp of drug abuse. When you come to our drug and alcohol rehab center, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by members of your lifelong community.


Available Outpatient Services

Jewish outpatient care caters to your health concerns as well as supports your cultural and religious needs. It’s challenging enough for Jewish people to talk about or seek help for addiction, so going to a treatment facility that doesn’t observe your faith is not an option. Depending on your needs, you’ll take part in partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or general outpatient treatment programs. During the admissions process at our Jewish rehab center, a counselor will help you decide which is best for you.

Partial Hospitalization

During partial hospitalization, you attend the clinic daily but don’t require 24-hour supervision, so you can spend the night at home. For several hours a day, you’ll attend group therapy, individual therapy and holistic therapy. The aim is to help you understand why you’ve started using drugs in the first place, develop healthy coping mechanisms and prevent relapse.

Intensive Outpatient

If you require intensive or general outpatient rehab, you’ll attend the treatment program for 10 hours per week. These hours will be highly structured, with a mix of group, individual and holistic therapy, but still afford you time to continue with work or school.

General Outpatient

During general outpatient treatment, you spend between one and three hours per week at the rehabilitation center. You’ll attend group and individual therapy sessions, overseen by a Jewish team that truly understands what you’re going through.

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Judaism Worship Services & Kosher Recovery 

Taking part in Judaism worship services and living in a full kosher recovery environment provides comfort and helps you to reaffirm your Jewish faith. Celebrating Shabbat and Yom Tov/Chagim takes you back to a happier time, allowing you to hit the reset button and make a fresh, sober start once you’ve finished drug addiction treatment. All meals at Recovery at the Crossroads meet every level of kashrut, and prayer time is built into each day.

Not many Jews realize that they can seek substance abuse treatment that doesn’t compromise on their values or halachot gedolot. Our Jewish rehab facility fully supports you in your faith, serving three kosher meals every day and giving you access to medical staff who share your beliefs as well as the option to speak with a rabbi on request.

We know it’s not easy to seek help for addiction as an orthodox Jewish person. The team from Recovery at the Crossroads is in the best position to help you or a loved one overcome a condition while still showing that the community embraces you.

Get the Substance Abuse Treatment you Need in a Jewish Community at RACNJ

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