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Recovery at the Crossroads is a community-focused general outpatient (GOP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) addiction treatment center. Our caring team of addiction specialists is here to help you or a loved one recover from substance use disorder (SUD) or behavioral disorders.

We know there’s often shame and fear for people who are starting an outpatient substance use disorder recovery program. You can learn to observe these negative emotions as they arise and let them wash over you instead of seeking solace in drugs. When you’re safe in the heart of a caring and positive support network, you’re able to overcome anything.

Through open, honest communication, education, and developing a bond with an entire support network, you can start to heal.

If you or a loved one need help now please call 888-342-3881 or visit our insurance page to verify if your private health insurance policy will cover treatment.

What to Expect in an Intensive
Outpatient Program

In relation to the continuum of care, an intensive outpatient program refers to the step down after partial hospitalization. At the top of the pyramid is residential or inpatient rehab, where you would spend days and nights without respite for several weeks or months. Partial hospitalization is a full-time outpatient drug rehab program. The only difference between inpatient rehab and a PHP is that you go home at night for the latter.

At our New Jersey rehab, intensive outpatient drug rehab involves spending 10 hours per week within the community. This is usually spread out over three or four days to give you time and space to pursue education or employment. An IOP is generally the first opportunity for someone in recovery to get back into the routine of working or studying.

Recovery at the Crossroads offers group therapy programs that focus on both physical health and mental well-being.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Therapy Programs

During IOP therapy, you spend time learning about addiction and find out how to make necessary lifestyle changes. You’ll take part in a mixture of therapy, based on what your caseworker and the health care professionals deem appropriate. IOP therapy courses include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Psycho-education
  • Experiential therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Help to find work and education

Who is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Right For?

Intensive outpatient drug rehab is right for people at various stages of their recovery journey. Most frequently, we see people who have just finished a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) come through our doors. If you’ve been through the first, most intensive stages of the healing process, we can support you with substance abuse treatment the rest of the way.

For some, an IOP is the first step of drug treatment. This is especially true for individuals who have been through inpatient drug rehab previously and fear relapse. For many people, traumatic life events can bring up old patterns. A behavioral health treatment program can help you to regain control over your emotions and behaviors. It also helps you to get back in touch with the spirituality and self-care practices that are absolutely essential to living a healthy life.

Adult male undergoing therapy session as part of the drug rehab in Camden NJ

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Intensive outpatient alcohol rehab is almost identical to intensive outpatient drug rehab. Alcoholics have the burden of trying to resist a substance that the world views as socially acceptable. We help you to come to terms with the idea of long-term abstinence and coach you about staying strong in social situations.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcoming alcohol use disorder is that people often feel life won’t be any fun without it. Our loving community shows you how much more fun you can have without drink, and as your mind becomes clearer, you’ll see it too.

Steps Down to General Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services

The next stage of your recovery journey is general outpatient (GOP). During intensive and general outpatient, the focus is on rejoining society as a fully functioning member. Human beings are social, and we thrive when we’re contributing to society and feel valued. Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction strips many people of their freedom and leaves them on the outskirts of society.

By the time you reach General Outpatient (GOP), you’re feeling confident and ready to step back into the community. You still come to our treatment facility for one to three hours each week. We lavish support, kind words and wisdom upon you to help you move forward. But by this time, you’re ready to study or work full time.

If you or a loved one need help now please call 888-342-3881 or visit our insurance page to verify if your policy will cover substance abuse treatment services.

What is General Outpatient Rehab?

General outpatient rehab is the least intensive stage on the recovery continuum. It’s an opportunity to relish the security and structure of drug and alcohol treatment while living independently. You still have the chance to check in with individual therapy sessions.

However, at this stage, you become a huge asset in support group rehab sessions. As someone who’s further down the path of recovery, you’re in an excellent position to help newbies. The accountability and responsibility experienced as a role model have a profoundly positive impact on most people.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention is mainly about maintaining sobriety and cementing your new coping mechanisms as ingrained healthy habits. Relapse prevention options include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Psychoeducation

Is Outpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Different?

General outpatient for alcohol addiction and for drug addiction are pretty much precisely the same. Although addiction affects people in broadly different ways and manifests for a wide range of reasons, the mechanism is the same for everyone.

Addiction is a condition that causes the brain to prioritize a substance irrationally. There are a variety of psychological and biochemical reasons for this that are entirely beyond your control. However, it is in your power to force yourself to deal with thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs that lead you to use drugs or alcohol in an unsafe way. Most people can’t do it alone, which is why the drug rehab center team is here for you at Recovery at the Crossroads.


Sometimes people take the naive view that rehab is a cure-all for addiction. While this would be wonderful, addiction is a chronic disease. As such, recovery is an ongoing process, and you must never stop making an effort to stay sober. The majority of people who achieve long-term abstinence continue attending group and/or individual therapy for years after rehab, or continue indefinitely.

All of the alumni from Recovery at the Crossroads are lifelong family members. You’ll always have us and your peer support network to turn to, no matter what.


If you or a loved one need help now please call our recovery center helpline at 888-342-3881 or visit our insurance page to verify if your insurance plan will cover addiction treatment center services. We provide effective outpatient substance abuse treatment to residents across the great state of New Jersey and the following localities of Cherry Hill, Camden, Gloucester Township, Deptford Township, Wenonah, Washington Township, Woodbury, Turnersville, Pine Hill, Clementon, Lindenwold, and Somerdale.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before you get started? Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about our program. If you have additional questions please call our helpline phone number at (888) 342-3881.

Some insurance providers do cover the cost of outpatient rehab, but in some cases, this coverage is limited. Our team can run a private approval with your insurance provider to determine how much coverage you may be eligible for.

Outpatient rehab is best for those who’ve already completed our partial hospitalization program or who have successfully completed an inpatient program at another facility. Outpatient care is designed for those who are prepared to transition back into their own home.

At Recovery at the Crossroads, we treat alcohol and drug addictions, as well as co-occurring substance abuse disorders.

We provide effective outpatient addiction treatment to residents across the great state of New Jersey and the following localities of Mount Laurel Township, Monroe Township, Camden, Cherry Hill Township, Deptford Township, Wenonah, Pine Hill, Clementon, Lindenwold, Somerdale and Woodbury. We have also written a helpful guide to help you answer the question “how to choose a rehab facility” that you may find helpful.