Marijuana, a plant with a rich history of medicinal and recreational use, has been prevalent in human culture for thousands of years. Recently, its medical application has gained legal recognition in many U.S. states, including New Jersey,  backed by scientific evidence highlighting its potential benefits in treating various medical conditions. 

With legalization, an influx of new strains, methods, and reasons to use has also increased. Like any mind-altering substance, a tolerance grows when used in access. One cannot overlook the inherent risk of addiction when marijuana is misused, underscoring the importance of marijuana addiction treatment.

Marijuana can affect every person differently, so you shouldn’t feel any shame in entering a recovery program if you’ve become addicted to marijuana. Our unique approach to drug and substance abuse treatment at Recovery at the Crossroads makes a difference for our clients. 

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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Marijuana’s potential for addiction is primarily due to THC, the plant’s psychoactive component. With prolonged use, individuals can develop a dependency, leading to cravings and withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit. 

Recovery at the Crossroads in New Jersey comprehensively addresses this issue. Our approach to marijuana addiction incorporates evidence-based programs specifically designed to reduce cravings and manage withdrawal effects, which are highly prevalent in marijuana dependency. 

Our skilled professionals work closely with each individual, providing a compassionate, supportive environment that encourages sustainable recovery. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to fostering long-term wellness and resilience in the face of marijuana addiction.

The Stigma Behind Marijuana Addiction

Even before the push to legalize marijuana, many people downplayed the potential impact of marijuana dependence because it’s not as addictive as other substances, such as opioids or alcohol. As people use marijuana, however, their bodies and brains become used to the chemicals, requiring more of it to achieve the same effect over time.

This, along with withdrawal symptoms when someone stops using marijuana, makes up the diagnostic criteria for marijuana use disorder. 

As marijuana becomes more available and popular, more people have started seeking professional treatment at a marijuana rehab center once they recognize they’ve become dependent on the drug. In some cases, a medical detox is required to treat marijuana withdrawal.

Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Each person reacts to drugs and alcohol differently, so the symptoms of marijuana dependence can vary between individuals. One of the most prevalent signs of marijuana misuse is when someone needs more and more of the drug to be satisfied.

Other symptoms include:

  • Feeling paranoid or anxious all of the time
  • Retreating from your relationships and activities
  • Suffering from depression, anxiety and other co-occurring disorders
  • Experiencing intense mood swings, mania or irritability
  • Having difficulty remembering things or concentrating on simple tasks
  • Craving marijuana and experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms when you can’t obtain it
  • Worsening of any preexisting mental health problems or developing a new mental illness

The Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use Disorder

Along with mental health complications, marijuana abuse can be responsible for many medical, social and financial problems. While consuming marijuana in moderation can provide medical benefits, long-term use can devastate your body and mind.

The long-term effects include:

  • Mental decline that has a negative impact on your daily life and well-being
  • The desire to use other drugs to get a better high, which may lead to additional substance use disorders
  • Inability to keep a job due to poor decision-making and job performance
  • Heart disease, lung disease and other adverse physical effects
  • Intense cravings cause problems with financial responsibility as you purchase more of the drug

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The Benefits of Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction treatment can help you curb your marijuana use and take back control of your life. Receiving treatment from medical professionals at a treatment center ensures you have the best chance of quitting for good because your treatment plan uses a scientific approach to treat addiction.

When you have a deeper understanding of what’s causing uncomfortable symptoms and how to cope, you can determine and take control of your recovery.

Working with compassionate addiction professionals also ensures you receive the aftercare and support you need to continue your success long after you’ve exited the program.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Options at Our NJ Rehab Center

If you’re suffering from marijuana use disorder, plenty of treatment options are available, from inpatient programs to intensive outpatient program that allows you to build upon your success. If you’re trying to stop using marijuana, one or more of these programs may help.

After-Hours Addiction Treatment for Marijuana 

One of the barriers many people face when looking for treatment is how it impacts their regular life. Our after-work programs allow you to attend the rehab facility after the workday ends so you can continue to receive the care you need while you handle your responsibilities. 

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Marijuana 

Our outpatient programs allow you to participate in group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and other programs that help you continue to develop the skills and motivation you need to stay away from illicit substances.

Partial Hospitalization for Marijuana 

Our partial hospitalization program is flexible for anyone who might experience a setback during their recovery but doesn’t need an inpatient program to help with their addiction. Our partial hospitalization program can also help you overcome your cravings through medication-assisted therapy when you experience withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab for Marijuana Addiction

Suppose you’re struggling due to the influence others have on your addiction. In that case, you can consider our residential rehab program, which offers a way to remove all those negative influences while focusing on your recovery. We can provide clients with a place to stay away from family members who may trigger the need to use drugs.

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Recover From Marijuana Addiction at Our Rehab in New Jersey

The first step to treating marijuana use disorder is reaching out for help. Call (888) 342-3881 to learn more about what you should expect from marijuana addiction treatment.

Your treatment may be covered by insurance, and other payment options are available to make treatment affordable.