Jewish Rehab ProgramsOutpatient substance abuse programs serve numerous purposes along the path of your recovery journey. For many, these programs represent positive steps as you hit various crossroads during your recovery — such as when you’re stepping down from residential recovery and integrating into a new normal but aren’t ready for life without daily structured treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment can also be viable when you’re facing a literal crossroads in your life: Will you stay sober or turn back to drugs or alcohol?

Whether you’re looking for outpatient rehab after inpatient treatment or you want to begin your treatment with one of these options, Recovery at the Crossroads offers several rehabilitation programs.


Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs provide daily access to structured treatment and professional support during your continued rehab. We also refer to our PHP program as a Partial Care Program (PC). You attend sessions for several hours every day, including individual and group therapy to continue to develop healthy ways of coping and identify and deal with triggers and root causes for substance abuse. During addiction treatment, you also work with your therapy team to create a plan that works for you, including potential recreational options such as art and music therapy.

The goal of partial hospitalization is to provide daily support as you transition from inpatient addiction treatment to life at home. Our rehab drug treatment services can also be an ideal option for individuals who may not require residential recovery but do need the daily support and supervision to get through withdrawal phases and break out of addiction cycles.


IOP Intensive Outpatient

IOP treatment programs, or IOPs, are often the next step after PHP or residential recovery services. They let you step further away from the daily professional rehab process and further into your life while maintaining a strong tie to addiction treatment and therapy. IOPs can also be a good first step for some individuals struggling with substance abuse or a measure that you can take if you’ve used drugs or alcohol a few times after a term of recovery and want to ensure you don’t fall back into addiction.

IOP drug treatment at our rehab center requires attendance 10 hours each week. During this time, you engage in a variety of therapies, including individual and group counseling.


General Outpatient Addiction Treatment

General outpatient treatment can range a few hours a week to individual counseling or group therapy that you attend once a week. These addiction treatment services are meant to be a continued step-down through the recovery process and to prepare you for long-term sobriety. At Recovery at the Crossroads, our general outpatient substance abuse programs require attendance of one to three hours per week.


Begin Your Recovery Journey at Our New Jersey Rehab Center Today

Outpatient rehab can be the right choice for any number of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a less intensive option that keeps you connected with treatment professionals or you want to break free of substance abuse without disrupting the rest of your life, outpatient treatment may be right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction rehab programs and how to take the next steps toward a sober and clean lifestyle. We offer additional therapy tracts specific to the Jewish faith. Our Jewish drug rehab in Blackwood includes kosher recovery services.