Outpatient Rehab Program in New Jersey

Jewish Outpatient Addiction ServicesFrom the moment you make a decision to seek help, the recovery process can seem like a daunting journey. But you don’t have to walk any of it alone, and there are professional treatment options every step of the way. At Recovery at the Crossroads, our outpatient program for addiction treatment provides one option that ensures qualified professionals are able to support you in the most appropriate manner for your place on the road to recovery.

What Are General Outpatient Drug Programs?

General outpatient addiction treatment can refer to a wide range of services, including individual therapy and group counseling. This general outpatient program (GOP) requires between one and three hours spent at the facility during each week.

That time is spent in efforts such as individual and group counseling to help you stay on track with recovery goals and address new issues and challenges as they arise. Often, outpatient rehab is used as the last step down in a continued treatment plan that takes you from inpatient or residential recovery to a new normal in day-to-day life. Individuals may step down into general outpatient directly from higher levels of treatment such as inpatient or partial hospitalization programs or follow the full continuity of care, transferring from a residential program to Recovery at the Crossroads’ partial hospitalization to IOP treatment to GOP.

When Is This Form of Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Whether or not a rehab or recovery treatment option is right for you and when is an individual consideration. Working with your treatment providers to plan your recovery is often the best course of action because it lets you have input on the goals and methods. Some cases when general outpatient rehab might be the right choice include:

  • When you’re stepping down through specific levels of treatment. Often, individuals enter GOP at our rehab center as a way to bridge the gap between intensive outpatient and individual counseling on a bimonthly or monthly basis. This is the last step of structured treatment, and during this time you can work with professionals to prepare yourself for success in long-term recovery.
  • When you are in need of some slightly structured programming to keep an issue from escalating into a higher level of need. For example, if you have already gone through recovery but find yourself slipping a year later, you might decide with your therapist or other professional provider that outpatient substance abuse treatment can stand in the gap to help you right the recovery ship.

Outpatient Rehab is Not the Last Step of Recovery

It’s important to note that this last step down in structured outpatient recovery isn’t an end to your recovery. Addiction is a chronic disorder, which means you’ll need to manage it throughout your life. Typically you plan for this during GOP by exploring options for and arranging aftercare, which can range from individual and group counseling to participating in 12-step meetings.

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Contact us today to find out more about our outpatient programs and which one can help you on the next leg of your recovery journey. You can also complete our online admissions form to begin the process of moving closer to a long-term recovery. We also offer a therapy tract for those of Jewish faith. Our Jewish drug therapy center includes kosher recovery services.