Many Jewish individuals struggle with substance use disorders like those from other communities. Still, the stigma associated with admitting problems with substance use sometimes prevents them from getting the treatment they need.

Another concern is that conventional substance abuse treatment programs may not include the unique perspectives of Jewish traditions and religious beliefs.

What Is Kosher Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, NJ?

Kosher addiction treatment programs offer services that align with Jewish teachings and values. They respect Jewish values and traditions while ensuring individuals get treatment that promotes healthy recovery.

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How Does Kosher Treatment Differ From Normal Treatment?

Kosher addiction treatment programs follow the best practices and research-based treatment approaches and incorporate Jewish dietary guidelines and religious beliefs to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for those from the Jewish community.

Glatt kosher meals ensure individuals get the nutrition necessary to promote improved health when the body is weak due to substance abuse. Kosher food options include meats, dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream, bread, grains, pasta, fruits, vegetables and other foods.

The ability to practice religion is vital in a Kosher recovery program. Patients in the Kosher treatment program can observe Shabbat and participate in the Shabbat meal. 

How Can Kosher Addiction Treatment Help Me?

Observance of the Jewish religion is essential to the Jewish drug rehab program at Recovery at the Crossroads in New Jersey. Jewish religious services and access to a rabbi ensure Jewish individuals get the spiritual guidance and strength to help them be successful in recovery.

Participants benefit from a 12-step program that embraces Torah teachings and Jewish philosophy. Torah therapy blends modern therapy with the wisdom and values of the Torah while addressing individual needs.

Recovery at the Crossroads Programs

Programs offered at Recovery at the Crossroads near Lakewood, New Jersey, include outpatient treatment, residential treatment and treatment for Jewish women. 

Medication-assisted detox can lessen the effects of painful withdrawal symptoms. Individual and group therapy helps patients get to the root causes of substance abuse issues and find ways to cope without using drugs or alcohol.

Family therapy can help program participants and their loved ones work through problems that arise from substance use and improve relationships. The program also provides dual-diagnosis treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental illness.

Kosher Outpatient Treatment near Lakewood

The outpatient treatment program offers the opportunity to engage in treatment while handling other responsibilities, such as work and family obligations. Patients typically spend 10 hours per week in the program.

During outpatient treatment, individuals benefit from individual therapy, group therapy, Torah therapy, psycho-education and participation in programs to help them find jobs and resources they need to continue the recovery journey.

Kosher Residential Treatment near Lakewood

The residential treatment program provides the environment to focus on healing and recovery. Medically assisted detox, individual therapy, group therapy, Torah therapy and alternative treatments, including experiential, music and art therapy, create a holistic experience. Nutrition and physical activity during residential treatment help promote a healthy body and mind.

Treatment for Jewish Women near Lakewood

Physiological differences that impact how the body responds to addiction, social pressures and differences in expectations can also make the recovery experience different for men and women. Some people prefer a gender-specific setting where they may feel more comfortable expressing personal information about their experiences with substance use and other issues. For women who prefer treatment in a comfortable setting where staff can give full attention to their unique needs, Recovery at the Crossroads offers a women’s residential rehab program.



Trust Recovery at the Crossroads for Kosher Addiction Treatment

Anyone in the Jewish community seeking a safe, compassionate environment where they can get treatment for substance abuse, and co-occurring mental illness can find help to get better at Recovery at the Crossroads near Lakewood Township.

The desire to help patients achieve recovery based on their beliefs and values is what the Kosher addiction treatment program at Recovery at the Crossroads is all about.

Our Treatment Programs Offer Hope

If you or someone you know needs a Kosher addiction treatment program, Recovery at the Crossroads is ready to help. There’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about what you’re going through.

We want you to feel welcome and encourage you to do rehab in a way that aligns with your culture and values. Our programs are convenient to Lakewood Township, Ocean County and other areas in New Jersey.

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