Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug rehab and treatment center in New JerseyIf you’ve realized that it’s time to seek help for drug abuse, congratulations are in order. Recognizing an addiction and having the strength to move towards recovery isn’t easy. In fact, your motivation, memory and reward centers are impaired by the condition, which causes you to prioritize drug use over everything else. Recovery at the Crossroads is a drug rehab in New Jersey that provides a safe, community-focused treatment for people struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Who Are Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers For?

Outpatient care is generally regarded as a step-down from inpatient or residential rehab. In some cases, such as when you don’t require a medical detox, outpatient may be the first step of your recovery journey. Specialists might recommend it for those who have had a minor relapse after long-term treatment. It’s also useful if you’ve just finished a residential program and are looking to taper care down from highly structured care back into day-to-day life.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is the next level down from inpatient rehab. While you go home each day to spend time with your loved ones, you attend therapy seven days a week. During a partial hospitalization program, you’ll work closely with individual counselors who help you to identify and overcome your triggers and attend group therapy sessions that compliment your one-on-one treatment.

Support groups also give you a unique and inspirational insight into the lives of others and help you to see things from a range of viewpoints. All levels of outpatient care also offer recreational therapy sessions, such as art and music. These pastimes allow you to flex your creative muscles and show you how fun and enriching healthy pastimes can be.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP treatment from Recovery at the Crossroads involves attending the drug treatment center 10 hours a week, allowing you to carry out part-time work or attend an education program.

The therapy you’ve received up until this point will have given you the tools to enforce routine and structure into your own life, but you still benefit from individual, group and recreational therapy. Professionals also look to the future with you, creating plans and strategies to assist your independent long-term recovery.

General Outpatient (GOP)

General outpatient can be useful in several situations — for example, when you’re stepping down from IOP, if you’ve got a drug habit that has the potential of escalating or if you’ve previously completed a rehab program but are worried about slipping back into old habits. You’ll attend the clinic one to three hours per week and take part in group and individual counseling, as well as planning aftercare.

Recovery Is Ongoing

GOP isn’t the final stage of recovery, although it is the final phase of structured rehabilitation. Addiction is a chronic disease, with genetic, environmental, psychological and social causes, so it’s something those who have been diagnosed with and treated for will always have to be mindful of. We encourage you to continue group and individual therapy on an ongoing basis to help you address and overcome hurdles in your life that may arise.

If you’d like to hear more about the rehab options at Recovery at the Crossroads, speak to one of our advisers at 888-342-3881.