Suffering from drug and alcohol addiction can be isolating and frustrating and leave you thinking there’s nowhere to turn. Recovery at the Crossroads offers a variety of programs and different levels of care designed to meet your needs wherever you’re in your recovery journey. If you’re a Boca Raton resident with ties to New Jersey, our compassionate substance abuse treatment is available at our Camden County center. 

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Rehab Programs Offered for Boca Raton, FL, Residents

Our New Jersey-based treatment center proudly offers substance abuse treatment programs for Boca Raton, Florida residents. Whether you reside in Boca Raton part-time or year-round, our substance abuse services provide the quality care you need to stay sober. Our treatment program begins as a collaborative effort between you and your care team to develop individualized treatment plans for every stage of your recovery. Our staff is specially trained to help you overcome substance use while addressing the following:

  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Mental health issues
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Social and professional issues 
  • Family and couples concerns

We believe it takes profound courage to battle substance use and want to ensure your treatment plan is realistic and achievable. As we develop a care plan that fits your needs, we incorporate different programs at a pace that fits your schedule. 

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

At Recovery at the Crossroads, successful rehabilitation is a team effort. Our drug and alcohol treatment center combine case management, therapy and supportive services to deliver life-changing care. Explore some of the program options we provide. 

Dual Diagnosis

When you’re struggling with both a substance disorder and mental illness, it’s called a dual diagnosis. Both issues make treatment very complex and require care from staff specifically trained in this type of care. Our drug rehab centers offer treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance disorders designed to help you overcome addiction. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

In addition to counseling, we offer medication-assisted treatment delivered by licensed prescribers. Many program participants find medication helps alleviate symptoms of mental health issues, making sobriety and progression with therapies easier to achieve. 

Older adults living life to the fullest after seeking addiction treatment

EMDR for Addiction Treatment

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing or EMDR therapy, is a growing field that shows promise for individuals coping with trauma or abuse. EMDR therapy helps retrain the brain’s processing of trauma, resulting in the individual having greater control over disturbing memories and their effects. Often, triggers from traumatic experiences can lead to relapse or self-destructive behaviors. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Our drug rehab programs include general outpatient treatment ideal for individuals with additional support, such as 12-step program involvement and who need weekly or biweekly help to maintain sobriety. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

When more frequent care is needed, our intensive outpatient treatment program provides convenient care several days a week, after which you can return to your daily responsibilities. Individuals participating in this program at our addiction treatment center spend approximately 10 hours per week in individual and group counseling. 

Partial Hospitalization

When inpatient care isn’t medically necessary but needs enhanced support beyond general outpatient services, a partial hospitalization program may be the best fit. Our partial hospitalization program takes place in our comfortable outpatient facility and features a variety of services offered every day of the week. 

Women’s Rehab

Men and women process experiences differently. We believe gender-specific rehab is an integral part of a successful recovery process, which is why we offer programs tailored to the needs of men and women separately. Our residential rehab services for women offer intensive addiction treatment in a safe, supportive setting. 



Why We Are a Leading Recovery Center for Boca Raton, Florida, Residents

Effective addiction treatment starts with a top-notch team. Our staff members are carefully selected for their expertise, compassion and commitment to providing quality care. At Recovery at the Crossroads, we understand that choosing a rehab center is one of the most important, impactful decisions you’ll make. We simplify the process every step of the way. We work with you to maximize access to insurance benefits to ensure you get the right level of care. Also, we offer transparent pricing on our services for self-pay clients. 

Achieve Sobriety at Our Rehab Center

Regardless of where you are in your sobriety journey, our team of caring substance use disorder professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term recovery. If you live in Boca Raton, FL, call us today at (888) 342-3881 to speak to an addiction specialist and learn how we can help you achieve and maintain recovery at our NJ rehab center.