Finding the courage to take the first steps toward drug addiction recovery is a momentous occasion. It’s important to understand that the treatment centers you consider to start rehab at can have a significant impact on how successful your first attempt at sobriety is. 

Drug and alcohol addiction are lifelong diseases that require comprehensive treatment from experienced clinicians, psychologists, and counselors.

Addiction treatment services at Recovery at the Crossroads follow the latest treatment center operation standards while leveraging modern and proven treatment modalities to promote success in each of our guests. 

We provide outpatient rehab, mental health treatment, addiction recovery, and MTA that uses FDA-approved medication to make the transition to recovery safer and more comfortable.

Call us today or verify your insurance. Our team will do the necessary research to run a no-cost, confidential approval of your specific policy so you can start treatment today.

Treatment Services Offered for West Palm Beach, FL Residents

Our rehab center provides various types of both drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, many of which are commonly covered by both public and private health insurance plans. 

When someone seeks treatment in West Palm Beach, FL, for substance abuse issues and is ready to travel back north, we work with them to create a personalized treatment plan to address their unique physical and emotional health needs.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Drug and alcohol rehab often addresses two or more co-occurring disorders, addiction, and various mental health illnesses. Extreme levels of anxiety, depression or even pressure can lead to turning to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. 

By addressing the underlying cause simultaneously, dual diagnosis treatment increases the chances of a successful recovery while improving relapse prevention.

Older adults living life to the fullest after seeking addiction treatment

Medication Assisted Detox and Treatment Programs

Medication assisted treatment, or MAT, refers to administering medication to guests to help combat withdrawal symptoms commonly felt during detox. 

Without medical detox, you can experience severe side effects due to your central nervous system learning how to function without drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse treatment often starts with medical detox to make recovery as peaceful as possible.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

EMDR as part of your addiction treatment program, is one of the most potent forms of therapy that allows you to uncover and address past traumas or events that played a part in forming your addiction. 

Rehab centers with trained and experienced therapists can leverage EMDR to strengthen the healing and growth process.

Residential Rehab for West Palm Beach

The length of time spent at your treatment center will depend on the level of care you require when seeking addiction treatment, but opting for long-term recovery with a residential treatment program can help ensure your first attempt is successful. 

By removing yourself from the environment you’ve grown accustomed to using in, you reduce the number of triggers that can lead to repeated addictive behavior.



Traveling From West Palm Beach, FL to Blackwood, NJ for Rehab

It’s easy to get to Recovery at the Crossroads from Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach and other parts of Broward County, FL. Although Recovery at the Crossroads is located in Blackwood, New Jersey, the closest airport is in Philadelphia.

From Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL), fly to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and then use ground transportation to get to the rehab center. Frontier, Spirit and American Airlines offer nonstop flights from FLL to PHL. If you dislike flying, take Amtrak from Fort Lauderdale to 30th St. Station in Philadelphia. Amtrak also has stations in two other Broward County, FL, locations: Hollywood and Deerfield Beach.

Why Choose Recovery at The Crossroads?

An addiction treatment program is only as strong as the center behind it. As a treatment provider, we strive to offer treatment options that fit your personal needs and goals. Guests like you have found success with our rehab center thanks to the treatment options we offer, such as our:

  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Behavioral therapy treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Residential treatment program
  • Alcohol detox
  • Substance use counseling

We’ve created a network of recovery specialists to ensure you get everything you need when visiting our NJ rehab. 

Our idyllic location creates the perfect environment to support you as you tackle your addiction head-on. If you live in West Palm Beach, Florida, we’re only a phone call away —  Call us at (888) 342-3881