If you need substance abuse treatment, it can be beneficial to travel to another state for a fresh start. Our drug rehab near Palm Beach County, Florida will be there for you step by step to help you complete your recovery. Whether you live in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in Palm Beach County, Florida, professionals with extensive experience treating drug and alcohol addiction are waiting to welcome you to Recovery at the Crossroads in Blackwood, New Jersey. We are just miles away from Philadelphia International Airport.

When you leave West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, you have the opportunity to leave your biggest substance abuse triggers behind. You’ll be able to get treatment for your substance use disorder without having to worry about dysfunctional family dynamics or going to places where you usually drink alcohol or use drugs.

If you’re seeking addiction treatment, consider Recovery at the Crossroads, a rehab center offering an intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization and other services to help you with your addiction recovery.

Call us today or verify your insurance. Our team will do the necessary research to run a no-cost, confidential approval of your specific policy so you can start treatment today.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Palm Beach County, FL Residents

At our rehab center, we welcome residents from West Palm Beach and other parts of Florida who want to recover from drug or alcohol addiction healthily. These are just some services we offer to help patients recover from substance use disorders.

Family therapy session during substance abuse treatment near Broward, Florida.

Jewish/Kosher Addiction Treatment

Unlike many rehab centers, Recovery at the Crossroads offers kosher foods, religious services and promotes Jewish values, making it easier for practicing Jews to access substance abuse treatment and address their mental health issues through our Jewish drug rehab.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our PHP program, also known as the partial care program (PCP), provides daily support to help you recover from your addiction without staying at Recovery at the Crossroads overnight. You’ll receive professional care from therapists and other staff members who understand your treatment needs and how to help you recover from addiction and other mental health disorders.

The partial care program is ideal if you have a minor addiction that doesn’t require intensive inpatient treatment, if you’ve already completed inpatient rehab or if you’ve had a minor relapse and need help getting back on track.

General and Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Our general and intensive outpatient programs are staffed by addiction specialists with experience providing outpatient services to individuals with drug and alcohol addictions. NJ Outpatient rehab is ideal for patients who’ve already completed our PHP and need support as they transition from the rehab center back into the community. You’ll have access to behavioral therapy, support groups and other treatment options to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Dual Diagnosis for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Recovery at the Crossroads is one of the best treatment centers for patients with co-occurring disorders, also called dual diagnoses. A co-occurring disorder is a mental health condition that occurs alongside a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction. If you have dual diagnoses, it’s essential to treat both conditions simultaneously. Otherwise, staying on the road to recovery may be challenging once you leave our drug and alcohol treatment center.



Traveling From Palm Beach County, Florida, to New Jersey

Whether you’re in West Palm Beach, Florida, or another area of Palm Beach County, it’s easy to get to Recovery at the Crossroads. By plane, take a flight from Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Once you arrive, take the Line 400 bus, hail a cab, order an Uber or drive a rental car directly to Recovery at the Crossroads in Blackwood, New Jersey.

If you live outside Palm Beach County, take a flight from your closest airport to PHL. Orlando International Airport (MCO), Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) all offer flights to Philadelphia. If you dislike flying, take Amtrak from West Palm Beach to Philadelphia’s 30th St. Station.

Start Your Rehab Recovery Journey Today

Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans now cover at least some of the services provided by an addiction treatment center, such as outpatient therapy, residential rehab program, medication-assisted treatment and more. Our treatment center accepts private health insurance and has staff members available to research your policy and find out what services it covers.

If you need drug or alcohol rehab services, start the admissions process by calling (888) 342-3881 or filling out the form on our website. We’re ready to develop a custom treatment plan that helps you identify your addiction triggers and learn how to overcome them instead of using drugs or alcohol to cope.