safe in-person rehab during pandemicWe are currently living in unprecedented times, with COVID-19 affecting almost every single aspect of our daily existence. For people who use drugs or alcohol, the increased anxiety, uncertainty and isolation could tip them over the edge into addiction. If you’re someone who is currently struggling with your relationship with substances, please seek the professional help you need. You might not be sure about going to rehab during a pandemic, but rest assured — it’s one of the safest places you could be.

How Safe Is Rehab During COVID-19?

Health care services have had to react quickly to adapt to the added risks posed by the coronavirus. This is especially true in institutions like rehab, where people need to come into close contact with their peers and caregivers. The most effective way to control the virus is by testing rigorously and isolating as much as possible. In a drug and alcohol treatment program, you can feel safe that you’re in a contained, isolated space with minimal risk of infection.

At Recovery at the Crossroads, we’ve introduced testing from a lab that uses blood samples to indicate if you’ve had the virus before. In a statement, one of their experts explains, “This test is marketed as part of the US FDA notification process with an Emergency Use Authorization pathway. The testing performed is based on a newly released test system from Abbott and will be run on Abbott’s ARCHITECT i1000SR and i2000SR laboratory instruments. These instruments can run up to 100-200 tests per hour. “

When you begin the recovery process with us, you can rest assured that everyone in the building has been tested for COVID-19. We’ve taken this precaution to keep all of those under our care feeling safe in rehab during the pandemic.

Does Coronavirus Affect Addiction?

Enforced stay-at-home measures and fear of the unknown have added to the underlying emotional issues that underpin the majority of substance use disorders.

Most recreational activities have been put on hold, making it much harder for people in recovery to distract themselves. Additionally, boredom and anxiety could push people who were abusing alcohol or drugs into addiction.

Is Addiction a Risk Factor for COVID-19?

When someone is struggling with addiction, their judgment is impaired and they’re much more likely to take risks. Certain drugs involve sharing paraphernalia, which is enormously risky under normal circumstances and even more so in the current climate.

One worldwide trend that’s particularly significant is men being at a higher risk of dying than women. This is thought to be because more men smoke than women, weakening their lungs and making them a target for coronavirus. Cannabis, meth, crack and heroin are inhaled — users usually breathe in unfiltered fumes from the burning substances. The strain this puts on the lungs could make you more susceptible to contracting the virus.

Tips for Coping With Isolation

If you’re waiting to start rehab, there are plenty of ways you can try to distract yourself while in isolation. It’s not an ideal situation, but do your best to make an active effort to take care of your well-being. We’ve compiled some tips to help you find some normality in these strange times.

Stay Connected

With social distancing measures in place, it can be easy to slip into an unhealthy pattern of not speaking to people enough. Make sure you take the opportunities you’re allowed for exercise and say hello to neighbors from a safe distance. Use technology to stay in touch with family members and friends, or use meet-up websites to find new friends. Most sites are making use of videoconferencing tools to host meet-ups.

Think Carefully About Social Media Usage

The internet is an incredible tool for this pandemic — but only if you use it wisely and don’t get caught up in social media. Try unfollowing accounts that post negative or unpleasant sentiments to your feed in favor of uplifting, positive people. Try not to obsess over how much better everyone seems to be doing in lockdown, either. Remember, what your friends post on social media is what they want people to see!

Be Mindful

The considerable disruption to everyone’s schedule, along with global uncertainty, has turned our lives upside down. In these times, you must make an extra effort to create a routine for yourself and stick to it. Wake up and go to sleep at a set time, exercise at regular intervals and make space for total relaxation.

Create Something Awesome

If you’re working from home or looking for new work, you might have plenty of extra time. Make use of it to get started on the projects you’ve always wanted! Write a book, make a podcast, learn an instrument or try painting. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, find opportunities and ways to make yourself proud.

Find Safety in Rehab During the Pandemic

Addiction doesn’t stop for coronavirus, so please seek the help you need if you’re concerned about your intake of drugs or alcohol. At Recovery at the Crossroads, we can help you get started on your journey to long-term recovery. Call us today for more information at 833-342-3881.