Addiction is a cruel disease that steals aspects of a person’s entire character. Not only does it affect the individual with the habit, but it touches the lives of everyone who cares about them. As it progresses, the negative consequences pile up, and it might seem as if there is no escaping its clutches. However, with love, support and medical treatment, you can make the changes necessary to regain control over your life. Same-day rehab might be available in extreme cases at Recovery at the Crossroads, and every application receives a response as soon as possible.

Does Recovery at The Crossroads Offer Same-Day Rehab?

If addiction has taken over your life, it might have taken a significant amount of time to accept the help you need. However, once you’ve made the decision, beginning a treatment program can’t come soon enough. Loved ones of someone with a substance use disorder may have staged an intervention and be anxious to get the person they care about into rehab as soon as possible.

Our rehab counselors and admissions team work hard to get people into the facility as quickly as they can. We understand the urgency of your situation and will do everything in our power to get your recovery started at the time you have in mind.

How Do I Prepare for Rehab?

Anyone brave enough to face up to the fact they need to make changes in their lives should be incredibly proud. Addiction is painful and challenging, but it feels as if the substance you’re using is a crutch or an integral part of your daily life. Often, the thought of letting it go feels as if it’s going to leave you with an empty space.

Before you get to rehab, try to reflect on the opportunities that will open up. Think about all the activities you can get back into and how much more control you’ll have over your future. With outpatient care, you have the option of continuing with your life as usual while attending treatment. This means the majority of preparation is psychological. Speak to loved ones about your plans, and begin a recovery journal to track your progress and give you an outlet.

The Admissions Process

You can complete an application for rehab, whether you’re a family member or an individual seeking care for themselves. The online form is simple and asks for your basic details, referral source, medical history and insurance details. If you need any help filling it out, you can call us and speak to an adviser who can talk you through it or answer any questions you might have.

The next step will be an intake conversation with a qualified member of staff, where we’ll discuss the level of care you require: general outpatient, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization. This decision is made together, depending on the severity of your condition and whether you have responsibilities to attend to. Finally, we’ll find out when you’re looking to start treatment and do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Get the Help You Need Today

To begin the admissions process at our same day rehab in Washington Township New Jersey call Recovery at the Crossroads at 888-342-3881 today.